Jab I Learnt Some Life Lessons

WARNING: This isn’t a review of Jab Harry Met Sejal. It is merely a compilation of a few things I observed from this strange but enlightening film.

1. The ‘Denial-itus’ Epidemic

Denialitus is a deadly epidemic that is rampant in the modern world and is the source of a lot of grief in Love Land. Sejal suffers from acute Denialitus which is why the poor thing was in complete denial and just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she was falling for Harry. Imtiaz Ali, should have ensured she had a friend who sniffed out the signs of this deadly disease and controlled it with the right medication before it got out of hand. Maybe then we wouldn’t have had to travel all over Europe for her to come to terms with her condition.

2. “Ik Taraf Hai Gharwaala, Ik Taraf Baaharwaala”

You have to hand it to the film for flipping the age-old idea of a ‘Gharwali and Baharwali’ on its head. Sejal decides she wants to ‘honeymoon’ with Harry before getting married to Rupen *slow clap.* Always good to break stereotypes. Isn’t that what makes a great film? But all the while she indulges in stereotypes of her own. She makes a clear demarcation when it comes to who is ‘boyfriend material’ and who is ‘husband material’ because she isn’t the kind of girl who leaves her fiancee and runs away with a tour guide, you know.

3. ‘Sweet, sister type’ and the rejection of the modern ‘Behenji’

Just when you laud Imtiaz Ali for his pathbreaking idea of legitimising the Gharwala, Baharwala concept, you cringe when Sejal is completely offended when he categorises her as a ‘girl-next-door.’ What follows is a series of events where Sejal goes out of her way (and I mean literally OUT OF HER WAY) to become “layak” in Harry’s eyes (because he clearly is the be-all-and-end-all right?). Who wants to be a ‘Behenji’ when you can be a ‘Babe?’

4. Bagvati shouldn’t become Panvati

This is a life lesson all you women out there absolutely MUST NOT forget. Before you press the panic button CHECK THE GODDAMN BAG! It’ll save you a lot of trouble. You might find what you’re looking for and other antiques from 1942 lying somewhere in some hidden corner of your bag. The only time when you’re allowed to purposely hide it is if you have someone like SRK who is willing to take you all over the countryside to find what you’re looking for.

5. Pavitra Rishta in 2017

Sejal and Harry have the most evolved relationship, it is close to Godliness. I mean they keep sizing each other up by day and then become each other’s ‘queen-size bed’ by night. All the while having no physical intimacy but constantly cuddling and snuggling up against each other whenever they get the chance. But this is understandable because Raj in the iconic DDLJ hotel scene didn’t sleep with Simran so how can Harry, whose ‘character’ might be ‘kharab’ and basically hits on anything that moves, get intimate with Sejal because she isn’t one of “those girls.”

6. All hope is not lost

Having said all this, I came out of the theater with one simple thought – If Sejal, with her annoying, exasperating and often baffling ways, could find not one but two men, there is hope for the rest of us. So in the end, it really was a feel-good film I guess!


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