Discrimination can begin with ‘Chee! Chicken!’ at a child’s dabba

Experts believe that teachers play an important role in ensuring that children from minorities or marginalised sections are not discriminated against. Further, teachers themselves should not reinforce stereotypes and create a divide among children based on community or linguistic lines. Continue reading Discrimination can begin with ‘Chee! Chicken!’ at a child’s dabba


Beauty & Banter on a Budget

Despite a rise in branded beauty salons across the city, the smaller parlours still have regular patronage.Quality services, deep conservations and low prices attract customers to these parlours over their bigger counterparts

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Why so venomous, India?

The barrage of hate that followed veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh’s cold-blooded murder, was vile, venomous and vitriolic. Lankesh was the editor of Lankesh Patrike, a Kannada weekly who was shot dead on Tuesday evening outside her home in Bengaluru by unidentified assailants. There were a number of tweets that celebrated her death and even went to the extent of saying she ‘had it coming.’ That makes one wonder if we have lost our ability to empathise or have basic courtesy. Continue reading Why so venomous, India?

Contemplating Life and Death, one website at a time

On the internet, one can learn to make biriyani or even a bomb. While it empowers, it also provides a platform for exploitation of impressionable minds. Among other things, it can teach people with depression or suicidal tendencies the most effective ways to end their lives. Pro-suicide sites are among the most dangerous sites on the internet today and all one needs to do to access them is to type some basic keywords that open up to a deep, dark world where Death is romanticised and Life is ridiculed.

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A Tale of Two Survivors

Bruises take time to heal but scars, they fade but rarely disappear. For women who are victims of domestic abuse but also burn victims, it is not just the trauma of physical abuse but the mental agony of dealing with burn scars that takes a heavy toll on them.
Here are the stories of two such women who are not victims as much as they are survivors.
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Male Nurses & Why They’re In Demand

The enormous shortage of nurses in India is known and accepted.  What is less known is that there is a huge unmet demand for male nurses, especially for older patients and in emergency services at hospitals. However, owing to the low pay and better job prospects outside India, many of these trained nurses go overseas after gaining a couple of years of experience. Continue reading Male Nurses & Why They’re In Demand

Indian IT in a Fix; Techies Left Sweating

It is no secret that the Indian Information Technology (IT) sector is facing trying times. While there are numerous statements coming in from top voices in the industry to instil optimism in employees, there is still an air of uncertainty and nervousness among professionals of all levels with talk of layoffs and a hiring freeze doing the rounds. 
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Profile of a Kili Josiyam (Parrot Astrologer)

This is a profile I had done while I was studying in college in 2014. It becomes relevant today as the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu and police along with activists have been seizing the parrots from parrot astrologers, leaving many of them like the man I profiled years ago wondering what to do now that they have been stolen of their livelihood.  Continue reading Profile of a Kili Josiyam (Parrot Astrologer)